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ABN 69822622554

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The ability to produce memorable and professional photos for owners with their pets is a wonderful opportunity. Being able to fuse the passion of animals and the wonderful and enjoyable creative process of photography, producing quality images for owners with their pets, to enjoy and admire for a lifetime, is a worthwhile and rewarding experience.​​

We prefer to optimise and manipulate natural light, rather than use flashes to stress, startle or spook your pet.

Phone : 0421968738

Email :   carmen@petandyouphotography.com.au

Pet and You Photography are passionate​​ ​about animals. We have many years experience in pet portrait photography, photographing a wide range of animals, including dogs, horses, cats, cows, rabbits, guinea pigs and many others. We respect all animals and are not frightened of lizards, snakes, rats, spiders or insects. We believe that all animals are beautiful and deserve to be treated with respect. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding professional photography to all of our clients.

Our photographers have photographed a wide range of subjects, for a variety of purposes within different specialised fields of photography, including; fashion portraits, glamour, weddings, food photography, corporate, real estate and tourism.