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Once the deposit for the photo shoot has been confirmed, an invoice will be emailed to you prior to the photo shoot. 

We call you to discuss location, your pet's temperament, preferred treats, best clothes and colours to wear plus any

other concerns or questions you have.

For Gift Certificatesonce evidence of payment has been received, via a screen shot or receipt number, the gift certificate will

be emailed to the purchaser so they can print and present it to the recipient. Gift Certificates can also be mailed through the post.

Upon Arrival For The Shoot : It would be beneficial if your pet observes the photographer and you meet and greet

before the photographer meets your pet, so the pet sees the photographer is an invited guest and not a threat.

We discuss poses, positions, best areas for optimum light, background and your preferences. Time is taken to make

you and your pet comfortable and relaxed.

We have a number of tricks and treats to encourage even the grumpiest pet to co-operate. Usually, we bring cooked

chicken pieces (no bones) and liver treats for carnivores and apple/carrot pieces for herbivores. We are happy if you

would prefer to provide your own treats.

All pets are treated with the utmost kindness and respect. The photo shoot is designed to make it enjoyable for both 

pet and owners. The preference of the photographer is to use, manipulate and optimise natural light, rather than use

flashes to startle, stress or spook your pet.

Once the photo shoot is finished, the balance owing will need to be paid. If you prefer the framed package, the

photographer will have approximately 14 frame styles from which you select your preferred style. After full payment

has been finalised, the hundreds of photos will be reviewed to select only the very best. Some will be cropped,

enhanced and edited. Facial and skin features, such as wrinkles, pimples and blemishes can be softened or removed,

if the client wishes. The editing and enhancing process can take up to one week.

Approximately one week after the photo shoot, 10-20 of the very best photos will be emailed to you

and loaded onto or USB and sent to you.  If you have purchased the Framed Package, you select the two photos

to be framed and the two framed photos will be sent to you, as well as the USB loaded with 15 to 20 of the best photos. 

Product Selection Appointment $50 - Usually lasts one hour-  For clients who wish to purchase other

products to display their photos and view a live preview of the photos displayed in a variety of styled frames, canvasprints,

acrylic mounts etc, before deciding on the final products.

The Process

10% of all services and products 

is donated to the RSPCA

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